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So last night, I went to the Brad Paisley concert with my in-laws.  Hubby couldn’t come because he was working.  So my SIL, Miranda, watched the boys for me and to return the favor, I’ll watch her kids sometime next month so they can have a date night. =)

Anyways, I didn’t want to chance taking my camera in last night because…well, ya can’t quite hide my big camera and lens and one, if they did find it, they would have either told me to bring it back to the car (and in the pouring rain, I didn’t want to do that) or they would threaten to take it away (over my dead body). LOL  So my MIL snuck in her little point & shoot camera.  So some of them aren’t the best of quality, some are a little blurry, but that’s ok, it was still worth a shot.  Ya know, I never was really fond of Jewel but I have to say, she puts on a pretty darn good show.   We were lucky enough to get seats that were 14 rows from the stage but our seats were right up against the main catwalk that was in the middle of the stage.  Our seats honestly couldn’t have been better. =)  For anyone who knows me, I love Brad Paisley & Tim McGraw so to finally see Brad in person, was…phenomenal! 

So here are some pics:

Ok, so those are the best of the bunch that I took.  Aaaaaaaaaand….after Chuck Wicks was done singing, he shook a bunch of people’s hands, but look what I also got, a hat right??  Keep looking:

Chuck Wick’s autograph!!  Neat!!!  Too bad I couldn’t get Brad’s too but surprisingly he didn’t shake too many hands or sign autographs, he was just none stop until the end.  But Brad did give his cowboy hat to some lady (whom I was super jealous of. haha)  But I was stoked to just get this.  And I almost didn’t buy a hat because I barely wear them. Glad I did. LOL



  1. wow for a point and shoot camera… what an amazing job… as we all know.. you can even have the best camera or a little one.. but it is the eye of the photographer..very talented

  2. Thanks for the info on Chuck Wicks!!

    I just heard a great radio interview with him which has a great acoustic performance of “All I Ever Wanted” and some good info on how Chuck got his record deal. It’s an interesting story!!—ch.html has it.

    Keep up the good work!!

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