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It was a pleasure meeting Jill, who works at both a farm in Middletown and North Dartmouth.  This farm is beautiful and they also foster rescue horses.  How amazing to be able to do that?!  I have to admit, I am jealous. lol  I went to Middletown to meet up with Jill on Sept 25th at Ponies To Go ( and spent some time with the horses and thank you, Jill, for chasing after the horses so I could get some great shots of them running! =)

Seeing how they weren’t show horses, it was nice to have a different perspective on this session.  To be able to get more laid back shots of them in the fields, running around…more in their natural environment.  I was also able to play around and get some great panning shots (for those of you who may not know what that is, panning is when your subject is in focus but everything else is blurred). 

Here are a bunch of my favorites from the session:

This guy’s name is Pongo, after the 101 Dalmation movie.  I LOVED his markings, so I had to photograph them:



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  1. Absolutely beautiful work!!!! I really adore the glowing fantasy looking ones!!

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