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On this day, 2 yrs ago…our second son, Zachary John was born.  Of course the little bugger didn’t want to arrive on time, so I was induced but boy, it was great because it was only 1 hr and 39 min of labor so I can’t complain. LOL

I can’t believe how much time has flown!  I remember how excited JJ was to be a big brother.  How we went to the hospital to “get” a baby. LOL  He was the proudest big brother I have ever seen.  He still is…unless Zack steals a toy he wants…haha.  Zachary is so big now.  He says quite a few words, but of course he’s got his momma’s stubborness and only says them when he wants too because if you ask him too, sometimes he’ll get that gleam in his eye and just laugh at you.

If you ask him what color things are he’ll just laugh and just say ‘blue’ to everything.  He’s obsessed with doggies, but loves animals of every kind.  He would spend all day outdoors riding his favorite scoot & ride radio flyer bike and search for bugs and dig in the dirt.  If he sees a puddle from the rain, he’ll splash, sit and lay in it.  By the time he’s done, no longer will there be a puddle. LOL

He loves to tell you what sounds animals say.  And I bribe him to do it just to see the faces he makes to say them because it makes us laugh.  I love asking him to ‘show me those lips’ because he puckers his lips like fishy lips to give you a kiss and gives you eskimo kisses which puts him into fits of giggles, which is contagious!  He looks up to his big brother, JJ and wants to do everything he does and I just love watching everything they do together. 

It’s so funny because you tell Zachary it’s his birthday today and he throws his arms in the air and in a high pitched voice and says “yay!”. LOL

So, my love….looking back on how much you’ve grown on the past 2 yrs has made me realize that it’s all the little things in life that really count each and every day.  Sometimes in our daily lives we get so busy that we truly forget that.  Thank you for bringing so much joy and love to our family!  We love you very much!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Zachary!

A few days old:

Today, his 2nd birthday:


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