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Most of you who follow my posts and work are familiar with what my interpretations are.  If not, please feel free to browse the archives of my blog to see the others, as well as an explanation of what and why I do them. =)

Winter Outdoors & Small


Holiday Colors


Making Your Own Light (for ex, you had to find a way to use a different lighting source for an object.  I only used a flashlight to light this)


Thankful (I’m thankful for money to pay bills, food on the table and most of all, love)


Yummy (I made a baked apple for this)


The World We Live In (while most photogs just showed landscapes, I wanted to be a little different, so I titled this “CONFINED”)


Favorite Electronic (I didn’t want to choose the “obvious” which would be my camera, so I chose this. lol)


Holiday Bokeh



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