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This idea is for anyone who lives in Rhode Island. However, if you’re inspired, you should try to do something like this in your town, city or state!

My mind is constantly racing….there are so many things I want to do and sometimes, I never get the chance to put it in action (so to speak). So I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a while now…. I really would love to do something for a RI Homeless Shelter, most likely a Women & Children’s. I was thinking of possibly “recruiting” a bunch of people who are interested and want to help out. I’ll be posting this on the forums I am active on, here on craigslist, my photography blog and anywhere else I can think of. If I receive enough people who are interested in joining me on this, then I’ll look into which shelter we can do this for and who will accept this.

Times are tough these days, both physically, emotionally and financially for a lot of people. Especially in the dead of winter. I know each of us are going through tough times, for one reason or another. A random act of kindness can go a long way.

I was generally thinking of something along the lines of having each person who wants to be a part of this, cook and bake something for a specific date and coordinate with whatever shelter decided and we can all bring it for them.

No, a lot of $$ isn’t needed to spend to do something like this, even just an extra $10 for pasta and sauce. Something that can be stretched to a lot of people who are in these shelters. Going to BJ’s or Sam’s and getting the tub of chocolate chip cookie dough for $10 and make a ton of homemade cookies. Things along that line. You could share one of your family’s favorite recipes or even just bring chips. Anything to show that there are people still out in this world who care.

Why a Women & Children’s shelter? Well, that’s just who I would like to do that for now. But if this turnout is good…we can always plan on doing this again…for another type of shelter.

What do you say???? Anyone want to join me?? And please, if you DO want to help, all I ask is that you are committed and follow through. And YES, it’s OK if you DON’T want to do this too. =)  Please feel free to share this with your friends & family, especially if you’re in Rhode Island.  If you have children, let them help too!  And if not in RI, start your own PIF project.

Let me know your thoughts!



  1. If I can make the date, I will definitely contribute and be there!
    Sounds like a great idea!
    Kayla DiSciullo

  2. Terri this is a great idea! There are so many unfortunate people out there. This would mean alot to so many people.

  3. I’d love to be a part of this! Let me know when and where and what to make..I’m not the best cook but I do love to bake. I could make a ton of cookies 🙂

  4. I would love to pay it forward ! Please count me in ! Just a thought but what about 2-14(Valentine’s Day) kinda of a spread the love brunch or lunch theme? again just a thought I’ll do whatever you need when ever. contact me via emial

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