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As some of you may know, I will be working with a tattoo studio to barter services (myself, getting a tattoo and will be photographing clients/artists of the tattoo studio in return).  We hopefully will be doing these sessions soon but the Newport Magazine had to meet their deadline and I had a phone interview with them a few weeks ago.  They have a website ( but it’s a little confusing to find the article.

If you were interested in reading the snip-it of what they said, here it is:

“Building your own business clientele and networking is another great reason to barter. Warwick resident Teresa Sweet, of Teresa Sweet Photography, is a full-time photographer who’s always wanted a tattoo. And since she typically photographs weddings and children, she was ready to expand her portfolio and shoot something edgy. So she posted an ad on Craigslist asking to trade her photography skills for a tattoo. When she didn’t get a response, Sweet e­mailed the tattoo parlor, Sin on Skin in Tiverton to propose her trade. They took her up on it, as did Underground Tattoo in Bellingham, Mass., who later saw her ad on Craigslist.
  Sweet plans to barter with both shops that are currently busy designing her perfect tattoo (her first) for her upper back that incorporates her children and love of photography. For the size she wants, the tattoo would normally cost around $200. She will choose the best design and let her husband receive the other bartered tattoo. For both shops, Sweet will take photos of their tattooed clients, including a photo shoot of a corset piercing — a series of piercings on the back that emulate a corset’s lac­ing.
  Definitely a far cry from Sweet’s typical wedding shoots.
  “It might help me with future clients,” said 29-year-old Sweet. “Obvi­ously, making money is a great thing for your business, but bartering is a great way to network.”

***Pretty neat, huh?? LOL  I’m stoked for this.  I can’t wait!!***


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