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Yesterday, I photographed a photographer friend’s daughter’s wedding.  The ceremony was at the Temple of Music and the cocktail reception was at Cafe Romanzo in Coventry.  Nadine looked absolutely stunning and so did her new husband, Josh.  The wedding was a nice, close knit group. The maid of honor was a close friend of Nadine’s and the best man and ring bearer were Nadine’s brothers.  The groom is from North Carolina, where they will be living.  After the ceremony, everyone just met up for appetizers and cocktails at the Cafe to celebrate their marriage.  It was a ton of fun!  Here is a bunch of my faves from their wedding…

Nadine & Josh 006

Nadine & Josh 047

Nadine & Josh 059

Nadine & Josh 061

Nadine & Josh 081

Nadine & Josh 131

Nadine & Josh 173-1

Nadine & Josh 188

Nadine & Josh 209

Nadine & Josh 230

Nadine & Josh 288

Nadine & Josh 311

Nadine & Josh 322

Nadine & Josh 347


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