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I was lucky enough to be able to meet and talk to some past clients of Sin on Skin in Tiverton, RI.  I wanted to find out what they thought of their overall experience so I asked each of them the same questions:

~ What helped you decide to choose Sin on Skin for your tattoo?

~ Did you come here with an idea for your tattoo or did you let the artist come up with an idea?

~ Were you here for a sentimental piece or for something that represents you?

~ How do you feel about the end result?

~ Have you been to other tattoo studios?  How was the overall experience between the both of them?

Rick G. (from Somerset, MA) said: He’s known Glen for twenty years and he had no other reason to go elsewhere because of the work they do.  Rick had a few ideas of what he wanted as a tattoo but Glen also helped create the tattoos that Rick received.  “Sin on Skin just has good people and their artwork is very unique.  I loved the end results and won’t go anywhere else!”

One of Rick’s tattoos:

Tattoo 002

Brittany D. (from Fall River, MA) said: She’s known Arias for eight years.  She came to Sin on Skin with a little bit of an idea as to what she wanted but she also wanted the artists to create it and let them decide what looked best.  Brittany wanted tattoos that represented her: a butterfly with stars on her ankle and one of her son’s name, Malaki (almost 2 yrs old) that is located on her neck.  The reason why she chose Sin on Skin for her tattoos is because “she was more comfortable with the artists and she really liked the results!”

One of Brittany’s tattoos:

Tattoo 015

Karissa R. (from New Bedford, MA) said: She’s known Jake for about 5 years.  She has one tattoo for now, but plans on getting more in the future.  Karissa knew what she wanted when she came to Sin on Skin, a tattoo of a flower.  Karissa “loved the results and will be getting more from Sin on Skin!”

Karissa’s tattoo:

Tattoo 030

Aaron R. (from Westport, MA) said: He has approximately seven tattoos altogether.  Some of the ideas for his tattoos were his (for example, the tattoo of an outline of a mudflap girl on his back) and some were ideas of the artists (freehand tattoo on arm of an abstract face).  When I asked Aaron about the experience between Sin on Skin and the other tattoo studios he’s been to, he said “I was 200% happy with the results of Sin on Skin.  I plan on getting more tattoos in the future from SoS because the atmosphere is so much better here than the other studios!”

One of Aaron’s tattoos:

Tattoo 033

**Here are some other photos that I took of other clients and some of the artists of Sin on Skin as well:

A small amount of the many awards that Sin on Skin has received (both national and international):

Sin On Skin 041

Some artwork & piercings on Jake:

Tattoo 005

Tattoo 009

Tattoo 010

Some artwork on a client (Pat):

Tattoo 034

Tattoo 037

Portrait of Arias:

Tattoo 018

Portrait of Reggie (Phil’s brother):

Tattoo 023


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