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So a couple of days ago, I was contacted by a model asking if I would be interested in trading services.  My time for their time, basically.  They needed images for their portfolio for the makeup artist and hair stylist (who was also one of the models). 

They mostly were looking to add to their wedding makeup and hair styles (some elegant, some edgy), so obviously most of the images were to show those off.  I’d love to work with the models again, the two of them were stunning and great to work with!  Their friends were fantastic as well!  Here are a bunch of my faves:

Gina (MM) 054

Gina (MM) 099 (twirl)

Gina (MM) 132

Gina (MM) 135 (v b&w)

Gina (MM) 119

Gina (MM) 152

Gina (MM) 185

Gina (MM) 167

Gina (MM) 171

Gina (MM) 172

And a fun play with the colors and to show off her boots 😉

Gina (MM) 042 (FP color)


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