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On June 27th, I had the pleasure to photograph Samantha & Stuart’s wedding.  Now I have to admit, ever since they booked me, I’ve been waiting for this wedding. 🙂  Why?  Because I knew it was going to be a backyard reception at Stuart’s house and the ceremony was going to be in a small, quaint church nearby.  And most of all, it was near one of my favorite places in Rhode Island…Falls River Rd.  Much different than the church & receptions that I was used to.  It was great to do something different.  Plus, Samantha & Stuart have known each other since they were little…ya can’t get better than that! 😉

Samantha made such a beautiful bride and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple than the two of them!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  Here are a bunch of my faves from their day:

Samantha & Stuart 006

Samantha & Stuart 022

Samantha & Stuart 040

Samantha & Stuart 074 (soft sun)

Samantha & Stuart 730

Samantha & Stuart 286

Samantha & Stuart 278 (m sepia)

Samantha & Stuart 483

And at Stuart’s house, there was a great lil’ pond that kept the flowergirls and other lil’ girls attending VERY busy because there were a bunch of frogs in it.  Seeing how I’m a mother of two boys, I’m constantly going frog hunting with them.  So I had to post a few…

Samantha & Stuart 574 (V B&W)

And of course I had to ask her to pretend to kiss it…

Samantha & Stuart 575 (tint)

Samantha & Stuart 633

Samantha & Stuart 264 (LB hazel)


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  1. Dear Teresa,
    I just loved your photos! You really captured the playfulness of the couple! The Palmer Meetinghouse was a beautiful spot for the wedding and as a West Greenwich Land Trust member I was pleased to see our old church come alive for the joyful occassion. It was like stepping back in time to a simpler time.


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