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About 20 min ago, I found out that I was chosen as the winner of MCP Action’s Lensbaby Composer contest. Last week, Jodi held a contest on her blog ( and hundreds of entries were written. We each had to write about “What Seeing In A New Way” meant to us. Each entry was different and some the same but all were great as they were meaningful to each and every one of us who wrote an entry.

Just to have on record and to look back on, I wanted to copy what I wrote for the contest:

“I truly believe that I have the best jobs in the world…being a mother and a professional photographer. As a photographer, you really know you’ve been blessed with the craft when you view the world as you would thru a viewfinder. But as a mother, you also begin to SEE things thru a different perspective, thru different eyes. Being able to combine the two is amazing. I’m mainly a wedding photographer and yes, while I am focusing on the main portraits to be taken, you have to see things that others normally wouldn’t. Out of the corner of your eye, a flower girl could be dancing, playing hide and seek with some friends or like a recent wedding of mine, playing with frogs. It’s all about finding the light that many people wouldn’t see…playing with shadows, angles. Or for example, an abandoned building….the typical person passing by would think it’s an eye sore. A photographer on the other hand, think it’s a gold mine for interesting and intricate photos. Seeing things in a new perspective is what will make you, as a photographer, stand out from all the other photographers around you.”

A lensbaby composer is a neat little lens that makes a HUGE difference in a photo with creativity and perspective. If you’d like to see a quick sample of what the lens does, read some of the other entries and also join MCP Actions fan page, check it out!

**Thanks again, Jodi! I’m so excited!**



  1. You won… that is FANTASTIC… congrats girl.

  2. Very nice images. Looks like a fun wedding!

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