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I remember meeting Diane & John last year before they booked me to photograph their wedding. Hand in hand, a twinkle in their eye and you could just FEEL the love they had for each other. They immediately told me they wanted to include their entire family (children, fiances, grandchild) in their engagement, invited me to their lake house for the engagement session….right off the bat, they were so down to earth that I just adored them from the moment of meeting them.

Diane & John and their immediate family flew out to Hawaii to have their ceremony and when they got back, they had their formals and reception to celebrate the occasion. Here are a bunch of my faves from their wedding day. And their granddaughter (the flowergirl) who couldn’t be cuter!

D 144

D 156

D 181 (wine)

D 252-1 (vig)

D 273 (B&W)

D 282

D 286 (B&W)

D 288 (SS)

D 692 (blur)

D 698

D 708 (B&W)

D 760


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