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I think today is a record for all the blogging & posts. 😉  Phew! 

So…here is Ariane, Mike & their lil’ man, Jacob.  I had the pleasure of photographing Ariane & Mike’s wedding back in 2008 (seen here:  and then their maternity photos just last month (seen here:

There is nothing better as a photographer than to capture these amazing, once in a lifetime moments, for a couple!  Ariane & Mike have been so wonderful, so easy-going for what I wanted to do with creativity for all of their sessions.  They are an amazing family to work with!  So of course, when lil’ Jacob was born, I HAD to get some portraits of him before he was more than 2 wks old.  And we did just that.

Jacob was such a good sport last night with his photos.  In the beginning, he let me lay him any way I wanted and he was happy as could be!  I can’t believe he stayed awake for most of the session too!  It was hard to choose favorites but of course, a few always jump out at me.  Here are a few of my faves:


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