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I had the honor of meeting Kristen through one of my past brides, as she was in the bridal party.  We’ve stayed in contact since the wedding and it’s great to get to know her better.  I was so excited to hear when she was pregnant and even moreso to hear that she was having a girl!  (Oh…BTW…Kristen is best friends with my bride, Jeana…and it so happens that Jeana is expecting a little girl in Feb.  So their daughters can grow up to be best friends as well.  Love the idea of that for the two of you)!

Meet Ella Jean…she is 2 weeks old and my goodness, she was an absolute GEM to photograph!  Here are a few of my favorites from today (I know, how’s that for a quick sneak peek?!).  I am THAT excited about these photos!

Kristen, ENJOY these portraits of your lil’ princess!


  1. Ella Jean is my great niece and the most beautiful baby! Her picture is beautiful but you had a beautiful canvas to work with.

  2. Ella Jean is my great-grandaughter, and sure is a little Sweetie.
    Who could possible resist that adorable face.

  3. Ella bella! The most cutest beautiful little andrade ever love these pics!

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