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This morning, I went to a boudoir workshop and wow, did we have a BLAST!  Shannon and Amanda were PHENOMENAL to work with! I’ve photographed a few boudoir sessions and I have to say that besides weddings, they are definitely my fave to do. I cannot wait to do more. 😉

Yes, I know there are a TON but I couldn’t help but post my faves…bare with me. haha

Gotta love the shoes….


**Before reading any further, this post contains pin-up photos so you may not want children around to see the photos. There’s no nudity but it’s pin-up style and Santa is involved, so you get the idea. 😉  haha**

Last night, a bunch of photographers got together at a local studio (who are in a local photog group) for a Christmas Pin-Up session with Santa & two models. We all hung out for a few hours, taking varies shots in a couple of different rooms. The models were great to work with and hey…it’s def not every day you get to work with Santa! 😉 We had so much fun! I so wished I felt up to par (darn migraine) to get really creative with some of them last night but I got some shots I’m happy with. 🙂

Here are a few faves of mine from the session: