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As many of you know, the last 9 months have been…eventful, to say the least.  Back in February, we found out that we were expecting our 3rd child and we all were completely ecstatic!  I don’t know who was more excited, us as parents or the boys to have a sibling soon.

Here’s a quick recap of the last 9 months:  Approximately 6 wks into the pregnancy, I started to miscarry.  It’s something a woman never hopes to experience but always has that fear that it may happen.  I was devastated on the inside but tried so hard to be hopeful and positive on the outside.  They say things always happen for a reason and while I know that’s true, I hate those clichés.  It was at my follow-up ultrasound appointment at my OB’s office (you know, the one that makes sure everything is cleared out and they can tell you when you can start trying again), that I found out that there was a heartbeat.  I had just come to terms that there was no baby so you can imagine the shock when the little peanut survived.  So while I did miscarry, they said it may have been a twin.  Thinking back on it, it’s sad to think that maybe there could have been another blessing with Tyler but we are so blessed and so thankful that he survived.

Now, at the 18 wk ultrasound, we had another scare.  There were a few “red flags” that pointed towards him having Downs Syndrome.  But luckily, we decided to have an amniocentesis done and weeks later, it was confirmed that he was healthy.  After what we dealt with for the first half of the pregnancy, you can imagine our relief when we heard that!  Obviously, we would have loved him no matter what but to know that he was healthy and wouldn’t have that challenge to face was comforting.  The only thing that lil’ Tyler will face and conquer is clubbed feet (which, for those of you who aren’t familiar with, is the feet are turned in…or out in some cases) and will have to have casting and possibly a brace after that.  If that’s his only challenge in life…all I have to say is “Bring It On”.  We’ll take it.  And I have to say, his feet actually aren’t as bad as the ultrasound tech thought.  And it may sound bad, but I adore his feet.  I kiss them every chance I get. 🙂

So….the due date was supposed to be October 24th and while I was late with our first two sons, I wasn’t expecting any differently…although I did hope every day that I would go early.  Another prayer was answered on October 7th.  😉  I arrived at Women & Infants at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon and Tyler Jack was welcomed into the world at 5:11pm.  He weighed 6 lbs and was 19 inches long.  He was absolutely perfect.

It’s absolutely amazing how one baby can change your life, for the better…if that’s even possible.  I could not imagine our lives now without lil’ Tyler.  Justin and Zachary have been wonderful and such loving big brothers.  They are the proudest I have ever seen.  While I cannot wait to see Tyler run around and play with his older brothers when he gets bigger, I want him to stay this size for as long as possible.  The long hours during the night, all the feedings and crying, are so worth it and you cherish it even more when you see how quickly they grow.

It’s hard not to hold Tyler all day long, to watch him sleep and to look at him, telling him stories when he’s awake and he just looks back at you with wide, wondering eyes.  It completely melts my heart and makes me realize how much I love my three boys more and more every day.

Tyler Jack, welcome to the world.  You truly are a fighter. 

You are:

A Miracle of Life.

A Miracle of Love. .

The Miracle of You.

We love you!

AND of course, one of all three boys.  Future partners in crime and 3 Muskateers! 😉

This past Saturday was “dubbed” my last wedding of this season (expecting our 3rd son at the end of October).  All I can say is that this was a wedding to end my wedding season perfectly.  The Dolan & Matteson family…as well as friends…were AWESOME to work with.  Even moreso, this wedding will be memorable for me always due the true meaning of the gathering of loved ones.  To celebrate LOVE.  MEMORIES. LIFE….through laughter and tears.

Amanda & Chris, thank you for allowing me to capture one of the most important days of your lives, allowing me into your home and your hearts.  I truly will never forget your family.   With that being said, here is a lovely sneak peek of a photo video montage of your wedding day.  I don’t normally create this long of a photo video but given the circumstances, I think you all deserve it! ❤  Sit back, turn on your speakers and enjoy! 🙂

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany Edouard again…but this time, for her business that she is about to open!

Tiffany Edouard, owner of E’s Divine Pet Salon, will be opening on Monday August 2, 2010.  The pet salon will be located inside of Rumford Pets on Rte 2 in Warwick (Trader Joe’s Plaza). 

We had a lot of fun yesterday photographing some clients’ pets and some with them as well.  More photos will be displayed inside of the salon as well.  So, the next time you need to have your dog or cat groomed, check out E’s Divine Pet Salon (located at 1000 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick RI 02886).

Feel free to call to book your appointment 401-821-PETS (7387)

**Tiffany, here is a quick sneak peek at some of the portraits.  More to come by tomorrow night at the latest!**

And my lil’ monkeys and furball:

On July 17th, I had the pleasure of photographing Amber & Anthony’s wedding.  We began at the Bay Voyage in Jamestown, Rhode Island.  Then we headed over to the fantastic Beavertail State Park for the ceremony.  This day couldn’t have been more perfect for Amber…the weather was beautiful, her closest friends & family witnessed their entire day and everyone looked positively stunning!

After the ceremony & formals, we went back to the Bay Voyage to enjoy the reception and festivities.  Amber, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day by capturing each moment for you and your families.  Here is a sneak peek video of the photos for you. 


Gina & I have known each other for a short time now from a local photography group and I was excited to finally meet her two boys (and hubby of course). 😉 These little men definitely made me work…haha. Four yrs old and two yrs old is a challenge to photograph but so much fun! And let me tell ya, they can make some pretty scary monster noises! LOL

Gina, your entire family were troopers for the 95 degree weather so thank you for taking the time to allow me to photograph your beautiful family! Here’s a sneak peek for you…more to come soon!

Once Justin got home from school today, we filled up some water balloons and went outside to have a blast! Can’t wait until it’s a beautiful day out and Peter doesn’t have to work so we can slam him with them! 😉 Haha! Then I told the boys they could drink out of the hose and they thought that was the BEST thing EVER! LOL The boys had so much fun!

Next time, I want to try to get a good closeup of JJ and then I’ll make some circular mounted prints to hang in the bathroom or the sunroom. 🙂 I think a summer theme for photos would be cute in there!

Yesterday, was a beautiful day FILLED with laughter!   I’ve known Tim & Lynn for a few years now and the two of them are always smiling, laughing and goofing around with everyone they know.  The two of them are such wonderful individuals and only become stronger when they are together.

We had a lovely day and even though the ceremony was rained out…the site moved everything indoors, formals had already been taken outside, everything was timed perfectly.  Lynn & Tim, words cannot describe how truly honored I was to be a part of your wedding day, capturing all the special moments between you, your family and friends.  Everyone kept saying how great your wedding was and how amazing the two of you are.  And I couldn’t agree more.

I’ll post still photos later this week but wanted to get a sneak peek on the blog for ya before you went on your honeymoon.  Have a fabulous time in Vegas! 😀

It’s funny….a lot of times, I’m asked…what my favorite holiday is or what my favorite day is. You all know those stupid (but fun) trivia quizzes we get sent from our friends. People say Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. While Halloween & Christmas are close to my favorites, my favorite day of the year is today. Mother’s Day.

Why? The obvious, of course. But for many many reasons. I LOVE when the day comes for their birthdays. To celebrate THEIR special day, their moments, achievements, their quirks. But nothing is better than Mother’s Day. With a beloved thank you to my hubby, THEY are the reason why each day is amazing. The good days, the bad days and all the days in between.

What better way to wake up in the morning than by snuggles from Zachary as he climbs into our bed to wake us up and JJ coming into our room, kissing me on the cheek, forehead (whatever is closest to the edge of the bed) and saying “Good morning, Mommy”. Or laying on the couch at night, feeling our lil’ baby slowly move in my belly. The way your worst day or even just a day that had all those little things going wrong, can turn around your mood in an instant, when they just come up to you with a bear hug and a kiss or Zachary asking “Mommy, play with me?”.

The days that may be gloomy outside and you just spend the day, eating on the couch, snuggled into blankets and watch cartoons/movies all day. Or the days that the sun is shining and you spend it playing outside, catching bugs, playing ball, digging in dirt, riding bikes or going to the playground.

The reason why you can take away any pain with just a simple bandaid and a kiss to it. The way you can be the BEST mom in the whole wide world by letting them have a cupcake for breakfast once in a while. Letting them be as creative as they want to be simply with paper and paints and who cares how much of a mess they make???? Everything can always be cleaned up, right? Nothing is better than being a child and having no limits to their creativity. How you can make the BEST afternoon simply by baking cookies and building a fort in the living room, giggling while you eat them in the fort, planning your next adventure.

I know many of you reading this can relate, as you’ve done a lot, if not all, of this with your kids. Or hope to when you do have children. All the years growing up, you wish to be an adult, to be able to do whatever you want. And now that you’re an adult, you realize you can live childhood again thru your children’s eyes and have even MORE fun, by seeing their excitement and joy and knowing that YOU helped create that happiness.

I know I am not perfect by any means but I know that when it comes to my children, I do my best to raise them, support and encourage them…and most of all, let them be themselves. They truly could not bring me more joy than they already have and continue to do every single day.

I firmly believe that all my love and passion for me being a mother is because of MY mother. This day is dedicated to her as well. She is such an amazing woman and such an inspiration to me. I just hope to be the kind of mom she is, and always will be, one day. If I come even close to that, I’ll know I’ve succeeded.

Because of my parents, my husband and my children…no matter what life brings me, my heart is content. There truly is no greater gift in life, than family.

Because of all of these (and many more) reasons, every day is Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!!!

With that, I’ll leave a few of my favorite quotes about motherhood:

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children”. ~William Makepeace Thackeray

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child”. ~Sophia Loren

Yesterday, I met good friends of ours, their sons and their in-laws (and their girls) at Homestead Gardens in North Smithfield.  Poor Andrew (approx 18 mths), wanted nothing to do with me, or the portraits…and who could blame him?!  He wanted to explore the grounds, pick flowers and pick up rocks like Hercules. 😉  All the kids had a blast running around and we all even dodged an angry swan who was about to attack us. :O  Man, was it mad!!! lol

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of my favorites from yesterday’s session.  Enjoy!

Every day, my life is consumed by my two greatest passions:  Family and Photography.  I truly believe that I have the best job in the world.  Being a mother, allows me to view the world differently.  You learn to cherish those small moments in a child’s life that are so EXCITING to experience, yet it gives me the greatest feeling to be able to capture those moments for myself and for the families around me.

Being a wife, reminds me of all the details you have to think of to plan a wedding.  All those emotions and how the smallest moments can make a difference on one of the most important days of your life.  Being able to be a part of your day, capturing those moments that you may not even realize are happening…is what my love for photography is all about.  A playful moment like the flowergirl playing Tag-You’re-It!, the bride and groom sharing a secret look, to the tear that may run down the cheek of the couples’ parents.  THOSE are the moments that you will look back on for the rest of your life and smile to yourself because you will be able to relive that loving feeling you felt on that exact day.

Photography is a passion of mine.  Pieces of art that I cannot wait to pass on to you.  🙂