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So after a bunch of people telling me I should enter my boys, I did. HAHA….odds are slim but hey, it was free to enter and it’s fun to try. 😉

If you have a moment, feel free to click on the link and enter either member ID (Mine & Peter’s numbers) to vote on UR favorite photo of Justin or Zachary to be the fan favorite. But the GAP peeps will be the ones to choose the winners of course for the rest.

Scroll down to find to “Search Entries” and enter: Tsweet2 or baseballfurys2

**There’s supposed to be 5 of Justin but not sure why 2 aren’t showing…hmmmm…

Anyways, thanks for any votes and for taking the time to do this! And for those that have children in the contest as well, good luck too! 🙂