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“A little cup of friendship
With a bag of tea
When you drink this
Think of love from me.”

I had SUCH a blast yesterday!  After having to reschedule this session a few times, due to the weather, we FINALLY beat Mother Nature! lol  It was a beautiful, sunny day in the morning and then in the afternoon, it got cloudy and grey (but we photogs LOVE that weather).  All I kept praying was that we could beat the rain. 

A local apple orchard set the scene for this WONDERFUL and FUN tea party session!  I couldn’t have asked for a better location.  I don’t know who had more fun, myself or the girls! 🙂  Nothing is better for little girls than to be able to play dress up and have a tea party with cookies and lemonade to share with a friend.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Last year, I started the tradition of posting my top favorite client images of the year. I think it’s fun to reminisce and also, to see how my photography grows with each passing year.

I was able to narrow it down to 10 images last year but this year…it was a LOT tougher. So I narrowed it down to my top 20. I knew this year was SUPER busy but after going thru all of my sessions and weddings, I realized HOW busy it was. And for that…I truly am thankful to have such fantastic clients, friends and to share what I love to do as a profession.

I really had a hard time even narrowing it down to 20 but I tried to remember each time I was editing each session or wedding when that 1 or 2 images really jumped out at me; and that is how I chose. So even if you aren’t on this list, please know that I cherish each and every one of you, your family and the moments I captured for you to always remember. 🙂

Here are my top 20 images of 2009:

The other day, I had the priviledge to photograph some products by Ginny Marsella, owner of Ginny’s Tarts & Treats. I’ve known Ginny for a couple of years now, as she is also a PHENOMENAL massage therapist and I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs one! 😉

I also had the YUMMY experience to sample many of her creations and they are FABULOUS! To be honest, I am not one for white chocolate, but one of my favorites is the white chocolate covered potato chips. They are awesome!! So you see, even if you prefer one chocolate over the other, you have GOT to try both. Ginny’s Candied Apples are to DIE for and there are so many options for those.

I could go on and on about her products but I would definitely recommend contacting Ginny if you ever need a wonderful gift with a personal touch. Think Holidays, Weddings, Showers, Birthdays, Birthday Favors, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thinking of You, etc etc. The possibilities are endless! Her website is in the works so I will add that once it’s up and running. So for now, if you’d like to contact Ginny, you’re more than welcome to call her at 401-573-2910.

Here are a few of my faves from the product session:

Ginny's T&T 004

Ginny's T&T 015

Ginny's T&T 020

Ginny's T&T 040

Ginny's T&T 052

Ginny's T&T 055

Ginny's T&T 094

Ginny's T&T 118

I call these “Every Pregnant Woman’s Dream”…chocolate covered potato chips!

Ginny's T&T 156

Now that it’s November, we may want to try not to think about it…but yes, holidays are right around the corner! *GASP!*  So instead of waiting until it’s too close to Thanksgiving or Christmas where you’re panicking about what to buy that special someone, I’m promoting a “Black Friday” Monthly Sale.  Yes, for the entire month of November! 

This will be a Collaboration Favorites Album. You, as the client, may choose up to 10 portraits from a past photo session (or wedding) in then I, as the photographer, will choose the remaining photos to complete the album.  You will receive a 8×8 photo book album with 20 sides (10 pgs, double-sided) that includes a hard cover on the book with a photo directly on it.  This album would make a BEAUTIFUL gift for parents, grandparents, siblings  or any loved one at the holidays.  But who are we kidding, it’s perfect to display on your mantle or coffee table as well.  For those bridal couples that didn’t choose the option for a parent album, you could use this to surprise them as well! The original cost of these photo books is $150 but up until November 30th, all orders placed before then will receive them at $75 plus RI sales tax.  If you order more than one copy, you’ll receive 10% off the balance!  For those that may have a portrait session from now until the end of November, you are more than welcome to “lock in” this offer by adding it to your session fee. 

So for those that may not have purchased prints from past sessions yet or if you want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, just send me a message to snag this great offer! 🙂

So I went to a recent photography class to learn a little more about OCF. A local photog group holds seminars, classes….it’s just a lot of fun connecting with local photographers of all levels. For this class, they had 3 models to assist. One was a daughter of a photographer friend, who was a natural in front of the camera. The other one is a 19 yr old who is absolutely stunning! Couldn’t believe she was new at modeling because she was very easy to work with and you can tell the camera loves her 😉 And lastly, was Bill. I couldn’t even tell you how much we all loved Bill. He was fabulous to work with, very funny…and I loved hearing his stories that he created while we photographed to “create” the mood.

And yes…the rum in the photos is real and he was drinking. HAHAHA He was too funny….

Here are a BUNCH of my faves from the class…

IMG_2045 (B&W)

IMG_2062 (V B&W)



IMG_2116 (B&W)











IMG_2254 (B&W)


IMG_2260 (B&W v)

On October 24, 2009…I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Cathy & Brian’s wedding.  Cathy and Brian are such WONDERFUL people and to be able to photograph one of their most important days of their life, was phenomenal!  Cathy looked positively breath-taking and seeing these two individuals together, you could clearly sense the love that surrounded them.  They had an amazing wedding party, lots of family and friends…you certainly couldn’t ask for a better day.  They didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits and we were even lucky enough to take the formals outside.  Gotta love a couple that doesn’t mind getting just slightly damp for gorgeous photos! 😉 

Cathy & Brian, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day…capturing all the love and fun you had.  We had an absolute blast and couldn’t have asked for a better day.

This is my first time posting a video so I’m praying that it works! *Keeping fingers crossed* 😀

Yesterday, I decided to take our boys to a place in Foster to take some pics of them near a bridge. Well, that didn’t go as planned because most of you, my photographer friends, know what it’s like to take photos of your OWN kids. 😛 I think I got a couple of decent ones there but after that we went to Christina’s friends house to take some pics outside with them and her daughter, Cora, too. They had a blast exploring the yard, woods and playing with their dogs!

Here are a few of my faves:

Boys 034-1

Boys 039 (B&W)

Boys 046

Boys 047 (vint sun)

Boys 059

Boys 068-1

Boys 070 (wine)

Boys 074 (vg)

So yesterday, a bunch of photographers came together for a TTD (Trash the Dress) session at a farm in Exeter, RI.  Three models from (Two RI locals and one from MA) came down to work with us and boy, did we have a blast!  It was just a fun time, to try some new things, testing studio lights outside and just overall…having fun!  Jose was such a good sport in letting us crazy photogs try out our ideas. HAHA, thank you, Jose, Katy and Jo-Jo!  You all were WONDERFUL to work with!


Jo-Jo 2


Jo-Jo & Jose

Jo-Jo B&W

Jo-Jo 3

Katy 2

Katy & Jose

Katy & Jose "Victory!!!"

So today, I had the privilege of photography lil’ Warnsey Jr., who is only 6 weeks old.  He is such a sweetheart, bright-eyed and curious about everything that was going on around him. 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites from the session.  Feel free to leave comments!


And the above in B&W (just because I can’t decide which one I like best.  I LOVE this photograph):





Haha, so as I was going thru some of my photo files, I realized I never wrote a journal or posted any pics from Halloween.  I’m so slacking. LOL 

For their Halloween pics, I really wanted to dress them back up and take pro pics of them.  I had hoped for outside pics, but eh…looks like that’s not gonna happen now since it’s winter.  But I might dress them and set up some backgrounds or something.  Here are some photos as they  just about ready to head out trick or treating….JJ’s wasn’t too cooperative, just for one or two…hence why there’s more of Zack.  I loved JJ’s costume because his friend that he plays with down the street gave him his old costume from the year before and JJ was swimming in it. LOL

No edits yet…just wanted to at least post them. lol 

Meet Batman & the Joker!!




And I love this one of Zack because his hair naturally so soft & straight: