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This morning, I went to a boudoir workshop and wow, did we have a BLAST!  Shannon and Amanda were PHENOMENAL to work with! I’ve photographed a few boudoir sessions and I have to say that besides weddings, they are definitely my fave to do. I cannot wait to do more. 😉

Yes, I know there are a TON but I couldn’t help but post my faves…bare with me. haha

Gotta love the shoes….

Last night, we had one of our nieces and nephews over so I thought it would be fun to take some photos of them.  Fun for me, some updated photos for their mom (hubby’s sister) and an excuse for Alyssa to model (and torture for Brandon, as boys their age usually hate having their photos taken. HAHA).  I bribed them with a sleepover though, so they agreed very quickly! 😉

Alyssa is your typical 10 yr old girl who loves to do anything girly.  Shop, dress up, figure skate, gymnastics, you name it!  Brandon is a musician…mostly a drummer but also plays the guitar.  He also is one of the youngest to be accepted into the Rhode Island Phil Harmonic (as he’s been a member of that for a few years now).  He’s amazing at the drums. 

Here are a few of my faves (and of course, I threw in one photo of my boys too):

And my lil’ monkeys:

Last year, I started the tradition of posting my top favorite client images of the year. I think it’s fun to reminisce and also, to see how my photography grows with each passing year.

I was able to narrow it down to 10 images last year but this year…it was a LOT tougher. So I narrowed it down to my top 20. I knew this year was SUPER busy but after going thru all of my sessions and weddings, I realized HOW busy it was. And for that…I truly am thankful to have such fantastic clients, friends and to share what I love to do as a profession.

I really had a hard time even narrowing it down to 20 but I tried to remember each time I was editing each session or wedding when that 1 or 2 images really jumped out at me; and that is how I chose. So even if you aren’t on this list, please know that I cherish each and every one of you, your family and the moments I captured for you to always remember. 🙂

Here are my top 20 images of 2009:

I had the honor of being a Guest Blogger for Jodi Friedman, of MCP Actions (who is well known in the photography world for her photoshop training, editing, photoshop actions and workshops).  You can see more of Jodi’s blog here:, comments from the post on both her site and from her MCP Facebook Page (as they were posted both places so many people responded in different places).  But I also wanted to share my post here with my readers as well. 🙂 

Wedding Photography: Standing Out from Others and Capturing the Emotion

Being a photographer is more than just buying a fancy camera and going out photographing. Heck, anyone can do that. But becoming a wedding photographer and standing out from everyone else who is photographing weddings, is another story. Whether you specialize in weddings, families, newborn… can put yourself in this situation. There are a TON of photographers in each state, many doing the same kind of work as you. Some people only photograph weddings. Some photographers specialize in one field but photograph a little bit of everything. My question to you is this…..HOW do you stand out from those other photographers? What makes you different from them?

The first answer that may pop into a photographer’s head is….I’m the cheapest one in my area. Scratch that off your list. The worst thing you can do is be just that. It is one thing to be less expensive IF you are JUST starting out in a field and you need to gain experience. But if you know exactly what you are doing and heck, been photographing something for years, being known as the “cheap photographer” is the worst thing you can do. Potential clients may look at your work, like it, but wonder why you are so much less expensive than the others in your area and pass you by. Does that make sense? Price your work and time accordingly. Your work should be the one speaking for itself. Your work is what will make you stand out from the rest of the photographers.

You need to find your style…your own “look”. If your photography looks like the photographer down the street or the local chain studio, people may pass you by and you wouldn’t have caught their eye. It’s ok if it takes you a while to find out what your style is, no one would expect you to know EXACTLY what you want to do or achieve. Only you will figure it out and when you come across a series of images of yours that WOWs you…you’ll know. After you know what you are looking for, you will keep that in your mind and will make sure to achieve that look, even if it’s just a few images with each wedding. It’s those images that will speak for you and your business. To be honest, it took me probably almost a year with photographing weddings until I really knew what look I was going for. Was I happy with the images I have previously photographed? Yes. But it took a lot of work, practice and creative thinking and processing to accomplish what I wanted.

No one can tell you what look to go for but I’ll give you my thoughts. I am always checking out other photographer’s work: Local, National and International. We all look for inspiration, knowledge and networking. I have found that more and more photographers (and clients) are looking for the more “lifestyle” photography. The “modern” look, so to speak. People in their natural surroundings, families at a park playing and exploring…and of course, to achieve this look, you have to connect with the families or the couple you are photographing. So even if you are photographing in a studio, it’s the feeling and emotions that will show through. That is what you need to show in your images because when a potential client is browsing through your website or blog, if they can connect with a certain image or images that you are presenting to them and say to themselves “WOW! I want this for my wedding!” Or “I have GOT to have this look for my family portrait!”

As I mentioned earlier, I am mainly a wedding photographer. I would say that about 80% of my work is Weddings and the rest is between Families, Newborns, Trash the Dress and everything else that falls in between. With each wedding or portrait session I photograph, there is at least one image that I can say “WOW!” and know that I truly captured the emotion of that couple, their true personalities or a certain moment that happened. For the first image, it is a baby girl hanging in a cocoon. This image is dear to my heart and I think it always will be. It certainly isn’t a “Carrie Sandoval” or “Anne Geddes”, image but even as I progress with my experience with this type of portrait, this one is special. The parents’ of this baby was the very first couple that I met with and booked me as their wedding photographer when I started my own business. Being able to capture the two very important things in their life (their wedding day and their first born child), is an amazing feeling!

I truly love each and every one of my bridal couples. I have yet to have a “bridezilla” and hope that I never have to come across one. Sometimes, you’ll get the couples that just call or email you and book your services right off the bat. But in my opinion, I would rather meet with them in person and more-so, would LOVE if every couple booked an engagement session with your services. Why do you ask? It gives you more time to get to know the couple, find out what they love to do together, talk more about their wedding and just create a great relationship with them. However, this can STILL happen if they don’t want an engagement session. Keep in touch with them by phone, email, your blog, Facebook…anything. Don’t be a pest of course, but it’s an awesome feeling on their wedding day when you’re really comfortable with them and I find out, they are more willing to try new things out if you want to experiment. In wedding photography, you MUST try new things. New poses, new lighting (even if it’s finding a different location in a reception area that you’ve photographed a million times), test out some video lights or grab a flashlight for different looks on things. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t get discouraged. Try to figure out what went wrong and experiment again before your next event. Or it could be a different way you edit. Something new and fresh! For example, my next image. Lots of photographers will have the groom dip the bride to kiss them. It’s always one the client loves, it’s classy. I still do it. But take it up a notch. Have the groom kiss their neck or just below that. It creates a classy, yet playful and more seductive look to it. With this image, I was testing a new way to edit and I think it really worked for this because in my eyes, it added to the romantic look that the image already portrays.

For the last image that I will show you, there’s a little story behind it. With this bride, both her and her sister booked me to be their wedding photographer. However, this bride’s fiancé was in the United States Army. Unfortunately, it turned out that he was going to be deployed sooner than expected and when they had to move up their date, I was double booked for that weekend they had planned it. She came to me at a later time, saying that she wasn’t completely happy with her wedding images and wanted me to photograph a Trash the Dress session with her and her husband when he came home. The beginning of the session, we did some portraits of the two of them and then slowly did some more urban, modern portraits…and finally, ended up IN the ocean for some great photos. This couple was up for ANYTHING that I wanted to do and having a client say that, is like being a kid in a candy store! This image is nice as it was photographed but I felt that it needed something a little more and when I tried this edit, it literally made me go “Ooooooooh!” For my style, it just works. I’m very excited too because this bride has become a good friend of mine now and they are now expecting their first child. I bet you can sense how excited I am about that!

So…to wrap it up…it’s ALL about style, the feel of your photography and capturing those emotions. In wedding photography, constantly keep an eye out for things that are happening around you. Think of ALL the planning, stress and emotional attachments that happen on that day. There’s bound to be tears and screams of excitement. It’s up to you to capture those images for everyone to see in years to come because not only are you creating memories, you’ll be creating more emotions THROUGH your photographs.

Holiday Craft Fair in Smithfield, RI this Saturday! Come on by as there will be a TON of businesses selling their services and products! The holidays are right around the corner. Don’t wait until last minute! 🙂

Now that it’s November, we may want to try not to think about it…but yes, holidays are right around the corner! *GASP!*  So instead of waiting until it’s too close to Thanksgiving or Christmas where you’re panicking about what to buy that special someone, I’m promoting a “Black Friday” Monthly Sale.  Yes, for the entire month of November! 

This will be a Collaboration Favorites Album. You, as the client, may choose up to 10 portraits from a past photo session (or wedding) in then I, as the photographer, will choose the remaining photos to complete the album.  You will receive a 8×8 photo book album with 20 sides (10 pgs, double-sided) that includes a hard cover on the book with a photo directly on it.  This album would make a BEAUTIFUL gift for parents, grandparents, siblings  or any loved one at the holidays.  But who are we kidding, it’s perfect to display on your mantle or coffee table as well.  For those bridal couples that didn’t choose the option for a parent album, you could use this to surprise them as well! The original cost of these photo books is $150 but up until November 30th, all orders placed before then will receive them at $75 plus RI sales tax.  If you order more than one copy, you’ll receive 10% off the balance!  For those that may have a portrait session from now until the end of November, you are more than welcome to “lock in” this offer by adding it to your session fee. 

So for those that may not have purchased prints from past sessions yet or if you want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, just send me a message to snag this great offer! 🙂

So I went to a recent photography class to learn a little more about OCF. A local photog group holds seminars, classes….it’s just a lot of fun connecting with local photographers of all levels. For this class, they had 3 models to assist. One was a daughter of a photographer friend, who was a natural in front of the camera. The other one is a 19 yr old who is absolutely stunning! Couldn’t believe she was new at modeling because she was very easy to work with and you can tell the camera loves her 😉 And lastly, was Bill. I couldn’t even tell you how much we all loved Bill. He was fabulous to work with, very funny…and I loved hearing his stories that he created while we photographed to “create” the mood.

And yes…the rum in the photos is real and he was drinking. HAHAHA He was too funny….

Here are a BUNCH of my faves from the class…

IMG_2045 (B&W)

IMG_2062 (V B&W)



IMG_2116 (B&W)











IMG_2254 (B&W)


IMG_2260 (B&W v)

I was very excited when Doreen from “Delectables By Doreen” contacted me.  She asked me to photograph some of her chocolates, goodies and cakes for her business and I was thrilled because…hey, who doesn’t love to be SURROUNDED by chocolate?!  HAHA, but also, because this was my very first product to photograph.

Delectables by Doreen is a WONDERFUL idea if you don’t know what to get that special someone for a nice “Thank You” gift, Thinking of You gift, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, baby & bridal showers, wedding gifts, wedding favors for receptions and the list can go on and on!  Why spend a ton of money on little trinkets for favors when you can have a delicious and mouth-watering goodie to savor, right?!

Doreen makes all kinds of beautiful goodies from chocolate truffles, turtles, caramel pyramids, coconut macaroons, little cakes, chocolate bars…man, I could go on forever!  Below is a small sample of what she creates and a few of my favorites from the session. 

If you are interested in contacting Doreen, a website will be coming in the future so for now, you may contact here at

Candies 003

Candies 021

Candies 049

Candies 060

Candies 067

Candies 073

Candies 156

Candies 203

Candies 210

Candies 221

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing Monique & Jay’s wedding.  This was a very special wedding for me.  Why, you may ask?  Monique is the little sister of one of my best friends.  I’ve known Monique for almost 23 years.  Her family lived right across the street from me growing up.  We used to ride the school bus together, play dress-up together (and yes, sometimes with a little “persuading” on my part. lol)…aaaah, the memories.  So, here is a sneak peek of a few of my favorites from Monique & Jay’s wedding:

Monique & Jay 003

Monique & Jay 057

Monique & Jay 073

Monique & Jay 216 (m sepia)

Monique & Jay 217 (V B&W)

Monique & Jay 244

Monique & Jay 395

Monique & Jay 420

Monique & Jay 456 (V B&W)

Monique & Jay 462

Monique & Jay 478 (B&W)

Monique & Jay 511

And my wonderful assistant took some great portraits of the kids lounging around as I was taking the formals.  I thought I’d share a few of those too:

Monique & Jay 909

Monique & Jay 913

Monique & Jay 915 (B&W)

Last Saturday night, Miranda (my assistant,also my sister-in-law) and I…had the pleasure of photographing Witzend.  Witzend is a Rhode Island rock band, who I have to say is PHENOMENAL!  They put on a great performance at The Lighthouse @ Twin River in Lincoln, RI.  The place was packed with fans, dancing up a storm and the energy in the room was even higher!

If you are in the New England area, I highly recommend checking out their band.  You can view their schedule and their website at and

Here are a few of my fave photos from that night (a collaboration of my photos and Miranda’s):