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Every day, my life is consumed by my two greatest passions:  Family and Photography.  I truly believe that I have the best job in the world.  Being a mother, allows me to view the world differently.  You learn to cherish those small moments in a child’s life that are so EXCITING to experience, yet it gives me the greatest feeling to be able to capture those moments for myself and for the families around me.

Being a wife, reminds me of all the details you have to think of to plan a wedding.  All those emotions and how the smallest moments can make a difference on one of the most important days of your life.  Being able to be a part of your day, capturing those moments that you may not even realize are happening…is what my love for photography is all about.  A playful moment like the flowergirl playing Tag-You’re-It!, the bride and groom sharing a secret look, to the tear that may run down the cheek of the couples’ parents.  THOSE are the moments that you will look back on for the rest of your life and smile to yourself because you will be able to relive that loving feeling you felt on that exact day.

Photography is a passion of mine.  Pieces of art that I cannot wait to pass on to you.  🙂


I’ve been running a little behind with my “sneak peeks”. Sorry Christina! At the end of July, I photographed my first OpLove session. This is Christina and lil’ Claire. How adorable is she?! Christina’s husband, Jacob, is serving our country in Afghanistan. I pray he returns home quickly and safely to his friends and family.

If you are a photographer and haven’t joined the Operation: Love ReUnited organization, I highly recommend it. After all, it’s the least we can do for those putting their lives on the line for our freedom!

Here are a few of my faves from the session:

Claire 006 (soft sun)

Claire 019 (V B&W)

Claire 060

Claire 069 (V B&W)

Claire 078 (wine)

Claire 081

Claire 086

Claire 089 (V B&W)

Hey everyone! If you are battling (or have battled) breast cancer (or know of anyone), spread the word of an organization called “Think Pink Photography”.

Think Pink Photography was founded in October 2007 to support individuals and their families who have been touched by breast cancer. They are a charitable organization that serves two main purposes – celebrating life and supporting the cause. Through their photography network, the photographers are helping breast cancer survivors and their supporters to celebrate life with charitable photography sessions. Sessions are available to document the fight before or during treatment or to celebrate the victory when treatment is completed. Please see the “Celebrating Life” section of this site for more details and information.

I recently joined this organization and hope that my photographer friends here online will think about joining as well to help support this wonderful cause to show how strong and inspiring these survivors are! Help spread the word!



YAY!  I’m so excited.  I wrote a post (see below this entry) about being accepted to the Littlest Heroes Project and just about a week ago, I was accepted to be a part of the photography team for Operation: Love ReUnited!

These are both WONDERFUL organizations and OpLove is for any military families that have loved ones that are deploying, deployed or returning home.  As a wife of a former Marine, I know how difficult it can be to be away from your loved one…even moreso, if you have little ones waiting for Mommy or Daddy or another family member to come home.

(The following is taken from the OpLove website to further explain what this is about):

If you are a member or family member of the United States Military, and are interested in having very special and touching images with a patriotic edge taken of you and/or your family before a deployment or during, and at your reunion, please contact a photographer in your area now.  You will receive a substantial package as a gift in appreciation for all you have been through as a military member.  The package will always include a 4×6 album of pre-deployment images, such as a child’s hand clasped in his parent’s with the faint glimpse of a BDU sleeve, a marine in dress with his family, a salior with his parents right before departure, or a child playing dress up in combat boots and a helmet.  The album will be sent to the deployed soldier by the photographer, at no cost to you.  Also with your package, all session fees will be waived.  Your photographer may have a designated package or other options for Operation: Love ReUnited participants at their discretion with a signed model release.

If you are in the military or have a loved one serving, I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at their website and find a local photographer near you.

For any photographers who may not be a part of this and read this, I highly encourage you to join this organization as well.  Because in my eyes…it’s the least we can do for those putting their lives on the line for our freedom!


Many photographers are aware of this non-profit organization and some are a part of it.  I am so excited to share that I was accepted a couple of weeks ago to Littlest Heroes Project.

Some of you may ask what this project is all about.  This organization made up of professional photographers across the nation and we provide free photo sessions to our Littlest Heroes. If you have a child, or know a child, who suffers from any type of serious illness or life altering disability, you may be eligible for a session. 

For example, if your child(ren)..ages newborn to 21 yrs… is currently fighting, suffers or has fought from:  Autism, Alopecia, AIDS, Bell’s Palsy, Cancer,Chiari Malformation,Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, CHD,Childhood Stroke, Servere Diabetes, Down Syndrome, HIV, Immune System disorders and diseases, Kidney Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Neurocutaneous Syndromes, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Sickle Cell Anemia, Spina Bifida, Tay-Sachs Disease, and other serious childhood illnesses and life altering disabilites….you could apply.

You do have to apply for a session because many people have taken advantage of the free sessions and they have to make sure it’s legit.  Typically, the sessions would be outdoors but of course, that is up to you, the family and photographer and what the conditions are.  Besides the free photo session, you will also receive at least 5 photos (on a CD or printed). 

If you are interested in a session for the LHP, please visit their website ( for more info.  You may view who the photographers are for your state to get more info. 

So, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading and help spread the word of this beautiful and wonderful opportunity!!  Just click on the logo above and it will take you to their site.