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On Sunday, I had the pleasure of photographing Jordan’s Sweet 16 party at a local restaurant in Providence called “Pearl”. I’ve never been there but what a fantastic restaurant! Very modern, dark and sheek. Jordan’s mom, Lisa, could not have put on a better party, in my opinion. There were a ton a family and friends there for the “Hollywood Red Carpet” theme and it was great to hear a bunch of them sing karaoke!

Here are a few of my faves from that night. Hope you enjoy them!

Sweet 16 030

Sweet 16 050

Sweet 16 071

Sweet 16 078

Sweet 16 135

Sweet 16 105

Sweet 16 070 (white vint)

Sweet 16 127 (vig)

Sweet 16 177

Sweet 16 185

Sweet 16 189

Sweet 16 205

Sweet 16 235 (wine)