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Holiday Craft Fair in Smithfield, RI this Saturday! Come on by as there will be a TON of businesses selling their services and products! The holidays are right around the corner. Don’t wait until last minute! ūüôā

Lensbaby is a sponser of MCP Actions and right now, they are having a contest to win a FREE Lens Baby Composer!  So photographers and photographer friends, check it out and enter!  Good luck to everyone! =D 

I recently entered a few of my portraits to an online photography contest called “Star Shooter Contest” (¬† Star Shooter is a non-profit organization that helps children learn the art of photography by providing them with equipment to learn the craft.¬† All the proceeds from entering went towards helping children.¬† With almost 200 entries from 33 states and 8 different countries, although I’m a little bummed (haha)¬† I didn’t get the Grand Prize (brand new camera), I am thrilled and honored to have been awarded with a honorable mention!¬† Here is my image, titled..

“Will You Dance With Me?”

Shan 012 (V B&W)

June 14th was a very special and memorable day for Tiffany & Dulf.¬† Not only did they get married but they also honored Tiffany’s father.¬† He passed away 12 years ago and they honored him in one of the most beautiful ways.¬† June 14th is Tiffany’s father’s birthday.¬† The reception was beautiful…a single photo of her father hung from each centerpiece and for the ceremony, a single rose was placed on a seat next to her mother.¬† Tiffany, as your mother walked you down the aisle, I truly believe that your father was there walking right beside you.¬† Everything that you planned for your day (from the ceremony involving Dulf’s sons….down to your pink high heels!), it truly was a honor to photograph your wedding day.

Here are a few of my faves from your day:

Tiffany & Dulf 021

Tiffany & Dulf 119

Tiffany & Dulf 168 (B&W)

Tiffany & Dulf 174 (vintage)

Tiffany & Dulf 222-1

Tiffany & Dulf 386

Tiffany & Dulf 500

Tiffany & Dulf 529 (B&W)

Tiffany & Dulf 559

Some of you may remember that last year I held a contest for wedding photography to spice things up a little bit.¬† The winners of the contest, Tiffany & Dulf, ¬†are getting married on June 14th of this year and the weather FINALLY cooperated with us this past Monday to take their engagements.¬†¬† Here’s a few of my faves from their session:

Tiffany & Dulf 032

Tiffany & Dulf 035 (B&W)

Tiffany & Dulf 063

Tiffany & Dulf 072 (honeyglaze)

No, this isn’t your regular modeling gig.¬† Sorry…by no means am I¬†affiliated with a modeling agency…but I AM looking for a lil’ munchkin anywhere from days old to NO MORE than 6 weeks old.¬† Boy or girl…either is ok.

What’s in it for you?¬† A free photo session (a $75 value!) and a password protected¬†online gallery of the edited images to share with friends and family.¬† You may purchase prints if you would like, but there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

What’s in it for me?¬† All I need you to do is sign a release form to allow me to use your images to showcase my work.¬† This is “normal practice” for photographers but I recently bought some handmade products to use for props for infants and the makers of the products asked me to share an image with someone using it.¬† Basically, one product I need an infant that is only a week old and the other can be anywhere between the ages mentioned at the beginning of the post.¬† One product is simply…a knit hat.¬† Simple, yes?¬† =)

Many of my infant sessions are normally in the spring/summer, but I’d hate to have to wait until then.¬† So here is my free offer to you.¬† If you would like a free photo session of your lil’ one (or if you’re soon to be having a little one), please leave your name, how old he/she is or when they will be born, where you’re from and your email address.¬†

If a bunch of people inquire for this, I will most likely choose a couple of participants (using to make it fair) within the next week or so….

I’ll also be doing a promotion very soon for “Multiples” and for Military families…so stay tuned (and if you know anyone who is expecting twins, triplets, etc or is in the military, spread the word and send them this link to keep an eye out)!¬† Also, your comment may need to be approved, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away.¬† Check back in a few hours to make sure it posted ok!¬†¬†Teethy

I was going through my files and remembering all that has happened this past year and realized I forgot to write about this.¬† There was a Rhode Island photography contest that was held back in the middle of the year and it was open to all RI photographers of every level (beginners, amateurs, professional).¬† This is one of my favorite infant portraits and I had titled it “Hanging Around”, as this little girl was just hanging out on her Daddy’s arm.¬† This photo is also very dear to my heart because she happens to be my niece…for my parents, she is the very first girl out of a total of 7 grandkids. =)

This photo placed both “First Place” and “Best of Show”: