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On Sunday, I had the pleasure of meeting Erin, David and Michelle.  Erin attended my son’s Auction Gala event back in May, where she placed a bid and won a family portrait from me.  So needless to say, when she contacted me to schedule the session, I was very excited to meet her!  Even moreso, when I heard that her step-daughter, Michelle, was visiting from Germany. 

Michelle was the sweetest girl, so polite and quiet but you could definitely tell there was a cute, playful side to her.  And how adorable is her dress?!  Love it! 

Erin, it was great to finally meet you and your beautiful family!  Here is a quick peek at a couple of my favorites from the session.   Enjoy!

I was soooo glad that the beautiful weather FINALLY came for this session.  After being rained out twice, I swear Mother Nature was starting to hold a grudge against me for some reason. LOL  Anyways, here is Tara, a beautiful and sweet woman who wanted to have some portraits done for her dad as a gift for Father’s Day.  He’s going to LOVE them!  Photos are definitely one of the greatest gifts you can give a parent. 😉

Tara, here’s a sneak peek for you!

Definitely one of my faves!

Last year, I started the tradition of posting my top favorite client images of the year. I think it’s fun to reminisce and also, to see how my photography grows with each passing year.

I was able to narrow it down to 10 images last year but this year…it was a LOT tougher. So I narrowed it down to my top 20. I knew this year was SUPER busy but after going thru all of my sessions and weddings, I realized HOW busy it was. And for that…I truly am thankful to have such fantastic clients, friends and to share what I love to do as a profession.

I really had a hard time even narrowing it down to 20 but I tried to remember each time I was editing each session or wedding when that 1 or 2 images really jumped out at me; and that is how I chose. So even if you aren’t on this list, please know that I cherish each and every one of you, your family and the moments I captured for you to always remember. 🙂

Here are my top 20 images of 2009:

On October 24, 2009…I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Cathy & Brian’s wedding.  Cathy and Brian are such WONDERFUL people and to be able to photograph one of their most important days of their life, was phenomenal!  Cathy looked positively breath-taking and seeing these two individuals together, you could clearly sense the love that surrounded them.  They had an amazing wedding party, lots of family and friends…you certainly couldn’t ask for a better day.  They didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits and we were even lucky enough to take the formals outside.  Gotta love a couple that doesn’t mind getting just slightly damp for gorgeous photos! 😉 

Cathy & Brian, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day…capturing all the love and fun you had.  We had an absolute blast and couldn’t have asked for a better day.

This is my first time posting a video so I’m praying that it works! *Keeping fingers crossed* 😀

I remember meeting Diane & John last year before they booked me to photograph their wedding. Hand in hand, a twinkle in their eye and you could just FEEL the love they had for each other. They immediately told me they wanted to include their entire family (children, fiances, grandchild) in their engagement, invited me to their lake house for the engagement session….right off the bat, they were so down to earth that I just adored them from the moment of meeting them.

Diane & John and their immediate family flew out to Hawaii to have their ceremony and when they got back, they had their formals and reception to celebrate the occasion. Here are a bunch of my faves from their wedding day. And their granddaughter (the flowergirl) who couldn’t be cuter!

D 144

D 156

D 181 (wine)

D 252-1 (vig)

D 273 (B&W)

D 282

D 286 (B&W)

D 288 (SS)

D 692 (blur)

D 698

D 708 (B&W)

D 760

Here is a sneak peek for Christine and her family. I used to work with Christine a few years ago and also had the pleasure of photographing her wedding. So of course, I was stoked when she contacted me to do a family session of Mike, lil’ Cameron and of herself. 😉

Here’s some of my faves from the session:

Christine Perreault 028 (V B&W)

Christine Perreault 037

Couldn’t resist this lil’ pout!

Christine Perreault 033 (B&W)

Christine Perreault 150 (B&W)

Christine Perreault 189 (wine)

Christine Perreault 197

Here’s a sneak peek for Liz and her family.  We did a portrait session at Roger Williams Park yesterday.  We finally had some decent weather, thank goodness!  Even though lil’ Gabriella wanted nothing to do with me, the photos, etc…I think we got some cute ones!  There’s nothing like gummies for bribery! HAHA

She was great to photograph and it was great to finally meet her, Liz’s husband Steve and see you again, Liz!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Liz Russillo 071 (soft sun)

Liz Russillo 080 (B&W)

Liz Russillo 112

Liz Russillo 151

Liz Russillo 170

June 14th was a very special and memorable day for Tiffany & Dulf.  Not only did they get married but they also honored Tiffany’s father.  He passed away 12 years ago and they honored him in one of the most beautiful ways.  June 14th is Tiffany’s father’s birthday.  The reception was beautiful…a single photo of her father hung from each centerpiece and for the ceremony, a single rose was placed on a seat next to her mother.  Tiffany, as your mother walked you down the aisle, I truly believe that your father was there walking right beside you.  Everything that you planned for your day (from the ceremony involving Dulf’s sons….down to your pink high heels!), it truly was a honor to photograph your wedding day.

Here are a few of my faves from your day:

Tiffany & Dulf 021

Tiffany & Dulf 119

Tiffany & Dulf 168 (B&W)

Tiffany & Dulf 174 (vintage)

Tiffany & Dulf 222-1

Tiffany & Dulf 386

Tiffany & Dulf 500

Tiffany & Dulf 529 (B&W)

Tiffany & Dulf 559

Some of you may remember that last year I held a contest for wedding photography to spice things up a little bit.  The winners of the contest, Tiffany & Dulf,  are getting married on June 14th of this year and the weather FINALLY cooperated with us this past Monday to take their engagements.   Here’s a few of my faves from their session:

Tiffany & Dulf 032

Tiffany & Dulf 035 (B&W)

Tiffany & Dulf 063

Tiffany & Dulf 072 (honeyglaze)

Yesterday, I photographed a photographer friend’s daughter’s wedding.  The ceremony was at the Temple of Music and the cocktail reception was at Cafe Romanzo in Coventry.  Nadine looked absolutely stunning and so did her new husband, Josh.  The wedding was a nice, close knit group. The maid of honor was a close friend of Nadine’s and the best man and ring bearer were Nadine’s brothers.  The groom is from North Carolina, where they will be living.  After the ceremony, everyone just met up for appetizers and cocktails at the Cafe to celebrate their marriage.  It was a ton of fun!  Here is a bunch of my faves from their wedding…

Nadine & Josh 006

Nadine & Josh 047

Nadine & Josh 059

Nadine & Josh 061

Nadine & Josh 081

Nadine & Josh 131

Nadine & Josh 173-1

Nadine & Josh 188

Nadine & Josh 209

Nadine & Josh 230

Nadine & Josh 288

Nadine & Josh 311

Nadine & Josh 322

Nadine & Josh 347