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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Monique & Jay will be getting married in May 2009. Monique is the youngest sister of one of my best friends. It was awesome to watch all my friends grow up and basically we all experienced the same things along the same time…getting married, parenthood. But to now see siblings experience it?? WOW!! I’ll be honored to be the one to capture her wedding day but I’ll still always remember her as lil’ Niquey…

Here are just a few from their engagement session:

The following images are just for fun. A few fellow photographer friends (online), both professional and amateur, have “contests” on a weekly/daily basis. We are given a title/theme and we interpret it however we would like, in our own ways. I thought I’d share them with you……


Big vs. Little….


Momism “Don’t sit too close to the television, it’ll ruin your eyes!”….

One Egg….

Color Theme: Silver….

Color Theme: Wild Watermelon….

Everyday Life….


Let’s start with my best friend and the love of my life. My husband, Peter. We became best friends when we were 16…yet it took us 5 years to even THINK to take that step to start dating. We both worked at KFC, our first jobs in high school. lol Me, a band and photography “geek” (but a cool geek, I think. haha) And him….trying to a punk, but I knew he really wasn’t.We hit it off really well and became instant friends, hanging out mostly at work or after work goofing off in KFC.
It was at a 4th of July party when my parents first really spent time with him. After he left that night, my mom said to me “That’s the man you’ll marry one day”. I just laughed it off saying “Yeah, whatever, Mom…we’re just friends”. Yes, we were the best of friends. But that was it at that time.
So we never really thought to date because we never wanted to “cross that line”. We graduated high school. Peter went into the Marine Corps and was stationed in Okinawa and Quantico. Getting together with him whenever he came home to catch up. I remember the first time he came home from Okinawa, he showed up at the doorstep with a little bouquet of flowers. Nothing romantic in mind, that’s just the kind of guy he is. =)
It was at his 21st birthday party when it all changed. He came home on leave and his parents threw him a beach party. It was then I met his girlfriend. It was the only girlfriend of his I ever met. I was pleasant of course…..but when I met her, I knew then and there that I didn’t want to “share” him. But of course, I never would say that to him. So that day & night, being his 21st bday, he got really drunk. By nightime, he was basically passed out on the couch. Later when I had to leave, I kissed him (as we always did on the cheek) and we always said to each other “love ya”….but it just came out “I love you”. He, of course, didn’t notice….nor did his girlfriend because she knew that was typical of our relationship.I didn’t say anything to him about it or how I knew I felt. It was about a week later when he went back to Quantico and wrote me an email (he’s better with writing words) and said that he didn’t want to be with anyone but me and realized he was in love with me. I just tell him now “remember who said it first”. It may have taken us 5 years to start dating, but once we took that step, we knew instantly we would get married one day.

Now here we are….5 years later. He is my best friend and the best father I could ever ask for our children. He is hard working and dedicated to his job. He has never given up on his goals. He is my biggest supporter in my dreams and I wouldn’t be doing what I love everyday if it wasn’t for him….and because of that, I am truly thankful.




Next is Justin Joseph. He is 4 yrs old and he is a spitting image of his daddy! A sweet & caring boy, fairly quiet but he’s slowly creeping out of his shell. He loves playing “pirates” and fighting off dragons. He’s your typical 4 yr old, could spend all day outside if he could, loves to bake cookies or cupcakes and sneak the batter when no ones looking and eat the goodies in a fort made out of blankets & chairs. He loves lemonade (Del’s) and will eat any kind of ice cream except mint chocolate chip (he thinks mint tastes kinda “soury”). Some of his favorite songs are “5 Little Monkeys”, “Sailing Sailing” and “Higgley Town Hero” theme song and his favorite tv show is “Tom & Jerry”, although he calls it the Cat Show. His favorite superheroes are Spiderman and Batman, although he’s never quite seen the actual cartoons. I think he likes the idea of them. =) I could go on and on about J.J., but that’s just to give you a tidbit of how much fun he is!

And here is Zachary John. He will be 2 in Oct. He is our busy little bee. There is no stopping him as he is one determined boy! LOL A spitting image of his momma, except his Daddy’s baby blues….but he definitely is the buster of the family. He gets an idea in his mind, looks at ya with a sly smile and takes off!! He loves playgrounds, especially the slides. He loves to color and paint, although he hates being dirty!! His obsessions are bubbles and balloons. He absolutely LOVE animals especially dogs. No matter where we are if he spots a dog he’ll yell out “DOGGY!” and will bolt for it! He loves to dance and do tricks as long as he knows he has an audience watching him… =) 

My very first blog. Like I need another reason to be addicted to the computer. *sigh* My poor hubby will no longer have a wife or a mother to our children. LOL

Kidding, kidding…The more I research and read about photography, the more I’m reading that other professional photographers are blogging. So I bit the bullet. I figured why not? =) This way, family, friends, clients, potential clients and anyone else interested in my work or life can be kept up to date on what I’m doing in my personal life and my work life.  I think it would be a lot of fun to combine the two.  Why keep it separate because when I’m with my clients, I try to get to know them as much as I can…so why shouldn’t they get to know me, right?   Kinda makes me have a flashback to “Doogie Howser MD” when he used to end the episodes by writing on his computer. lol  I’ll be posting my latest images, thoughts, contests and any other tid-bits of info on here so feel free to check back and leave messages or comments if you would like.

Teresa Sweet