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Monthly Archives: October 2009

The other day, we got our boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes and met our friends Christina, Justin and their daughter Cora at their local church’s “Trunk or Treat”. Before that though, we were at my in-law’s so I thought I would take some photos of the boys in their costumes. Justin is a Red Ninja and Zack, is of course, Wolverine. 😉

Halloween 002

Halloween 007

Halloween 008 (B&W)

Halloween 009 (vg)

Halloween 020

Halloween 021 (prd)

Halloween 023

Halloween 030

This is a lil’ tradition that I do each year for each son so we can look back and see what they love to do:

On this day, 3 years ago, our youngest son, Zachary John was born. I remember Justin saying how we were going to the hospital to “get a baby” and he was just the proudest big brother I have ever seen. I just can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by and how big he is now.

Everyone laughs because they say he is a “Mini Me” of myself and I have to agree. He looks like me and definitely has my stubborness attitude. I have yet to figure out if that’s a good thing or bad thing. haha 😉

He is such a sweetheart and loves to tease you every chance he gets. He’s an animal lover especially of dogs and kitties, he’s still riding this scoot & ride radio flyer bike (although sad to say he’s outgrown it). But don’t tell him that as he’ll get mad and show you otherwise that he CAN ride it. lol

He’ll spend all day outside, jumping in puddles, digging in dirt and playing every sport you can think of and surprisingly, he’s great at them! I mean, he can REALLY hit the ball and play soccer well. Crazy….
He loves to play with bugs and then “put back home” so the bug can go back to his family.

Zack’s obsessed with superheros and loves every single one. He’ll pretend UR a “bad buy” (bad guy) and will take you to jail too. haha He cracks me up.

Anyways, Zachary, thank you for being such a sweetheart, my lil’ man. Mommy, Daddy and Justin love you! Happy 3rd Birthday!

Just 2 days old:

Zachary John 024

Zachary, 3 yrs old today:

Boys 039 (B&W)

Yesterday, I decided to take our boys to a place in Foster to take some pics of them near a bridge. Well, that didn’t go as planned because most of you, my photographer friends, know what it’s like to take photos of your OWN kids. 😛 I think I got a couple of decent ones there but after that we went to Christina’s friends house to take some pics outside with them and her daughter, Cora, too. They had a blast exploring the yard, woods and playing with their dogs!

Here are a few of my faves:

Boys 034-1

Boys 039 (B&W)

Boys 046

Boys 047 (vint sun)

Boys 059

Boys 068-1

Boys 070 (wine)

Boys 074 (vg)

I realized I have really neglected to take portraits of my sons in this crazy, busy wedding season.  So I’m off today in search of some fun locations to enjoy this beautiful fall weather!  But for now, here are a few photos of my littlest guy, Zack, who will be 3 in just about one week.

Zack's Many Faces 2 (web)

Zack's Many Faces 1 (web)

Look out, Wolverine!!!

Zack's Many Faces 3 (web)

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of photographing Jordan’s Sweet 16 party at a local restaurant in Providence called “Pearl”. I’ve never been there but what a fantastic restaurant! Very modern, dark and sheek. Jordan’s mom, Lisa, could not have put on a better party, in my opinion. There were a ton a family and friends there for the “Hollywood Red Carpet” theme and it was great to hear a bunch of them sing karaoke!

Here are a few of my faves from that night. Hope you enjoy them!

Sweet 16 030

Sweet 16 050

Sweet 16 071

Sweet 16 078

Sweet 16 135

Sweet 16 105

Sweet 16 070 (white vint)

Sweet 16 127 (vig)

Sweet 16 177

Sweet 16 185

Sweet 16 189

Sweet 16 205

Sweet 16 235 (wine)

So yesterday, a bunch of photographers came together for a TTD (Trash the Dress) session at a farm in Exeter, RI.  Three models from (Two RI locals and one from MA) came down to work with us and boy, did we have a blast!  It was just a fun time, to try some new things, testing studio lights outside and just overall…having fun!  Jose was such a good sport in letting us crazy photogs try out our ideas. HAHA, thank you, Jose, Katy and Jo-Jo!  You all were WONDERFUL to work with!


Jo-Jo 2


Jo-Jo & Jose

Jo-Jo B&W

Jo-Jo 3

Katy 2

Katy & Jose

Katy & Jose "Victory!!!"

I had the pleasure of meeting this family today at Colt State Park in Bristol on this GORGEOUS fall day.  What a beautiful family, inside and out.  These two kids were just too cute for words and I had such fun photographing them, teasing them and playing around with them.  Miss *A* just had the cutest dimples and a twinkle in her eye when she was trying to hide a smile and Lil’ Mr. *J* was as handsome as could be and I giggled every time I made him show me his toothless smile (the Tooth Fairy came TWICE! Nice! LOL)

So, here is a quick sneak peek for Wendy and her family.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

Wendy 020-1 (ss)

Wendy 049 (B&W)

Wendy 059

Wendy 076

Wendy 105

Lauren & Tom are such sweethearts to photograph. It was fantastic to be a part of their wedding day! Everyone was so easy-going that day…carefree, one of my many perks of this line of work. 😉

But seriously, I remember photographing their engagements. We had so much fun! We went to Narragansett and they whipped out their football jerseys for some great shots….and I just knew that the wedding day was going to be just as good. Boy, was I in for surprise…..

Many of my photographer friends will understand as they know “that feeling”. But everyone, I truly adore each and every one of my couples that I book. I do. But this couple, their entire family, made me realize WHY I do what I do. WHY I am a wedding photographer, capturing these moments forever. The bond that their families have with one another is amazing and all throughout the day, they did little things to show that love…giving roses to the mothers, the bride & groom danced with their siblings to a special song, just simple things like that…that truly made you sit back and appreciate what we do. I can’t tell you how many times I was teary-eyed that day and thanked Lauren’s mom that night because it’s weddings like Lauren & Tom’s that makes me humble and appreciate all the little things all over again.

Ok, sorry…I just had to explain a little bit from my experience from their wedding, as I do for all my couples. 🙂 I want everyone who reads my entries to feel like they are there with me. haha So, without further hesitation, here are some of my favorites from their wedding day! And probably more to come as I go thru them….


IMG_3508 (B&W)



IMG_3681 (rock color)

IMG_3687 (B&W)

IMG_3650 (ss)

IMG_3669 (vg)

L 159 (bridge)

So after a bunch of people telling me I should enter my boys, I did. HAHA….odds are slim but hey, it was free to enter and it’s fun to try. 😉

If you have a moment, feel free to click on the link and enter either member ID (Mine & Peter’s numbers) to vote on UR favorite photo of Justin or Zachary to be the fan favorite. But the GAP peeps will be the ones to choose the winners of course for the rest.

Scroll down to find to “Search Entries” and enter: Tsweet2 or baseballfurys2

**There’s supposed to be 5 of Justin but not sure why 2 aren’t showing…hmmmm…

Anyways, thanks for any votes and for taking the time to do this! And for those that have children in the contest as well, good luck too! 🙂