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Category Archives: August 2008

Wendy & John are an amazing couple!  They were married on August 2nd and it truly was a honor to photograph their wedding day.  Their ceremony was held at a quaint little church in Barrington that I absolutely adored.  Then we went to the State House for some gorgeous photos before heading to the reception.  We had so much fun!  Here are some of my favorites from their day….

Here are some more interpretations from one of my photo groups.  To refresh your memory if you’re not familiar with them, what happens is we are given (or host) a daily or weekly photography contest/challenge and all that is given is a theme.  Then we interpret it however we would like.  It’s basically just something fun to do to make you think “outside of the box” when looking at ordinary things.

Black & Purple



Standing Out In A Crowd


Mother Goose – Nursery Rhymes