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Category Archives: Featured Photographers

We’re having our first giveaway contest on the Featured Photographers Blog!  Contest ends on Thursday at midnight and the winner will be chosen on Friday. 

Check it out and stay tuned for more future giveaways!

Hey everyone!  I am starting a new project for us photographers.  Being online, reading blogs, photography magazines, we tend to see the same photographers featured with their bios, stories, successes, etc etc. While all these are GREAT photographers and are WELL-WORTH the recognition that they get, I thought it would be a neat idea to take the time to research every state in the US and see what photographers are out there that are pros, who may not be well-known and their work is very worthy of being recognized.

I know that this will be a lot of work on my end, researching all the states but I think it’s a great idea to network, giving them the recognition they deserve, showing their work to other photogs for inspiration, possibly help them bring in more clients by doing this, etc.

And seeing that there are a MILLIONS of photogs around the US, I’m sure it may be difficult to find just a couple to interview. So, for those of you who may know of a “worthy” photographer to be recognized for their fabulous work, please contact me via email at or thru my website (  If we happen to chose the photog that you mentioned, we will in turn, showcase YOUR business with the same info and interview we conduct with the other photographer.

Ideally, I think it would be great to showcase one portrait photographer and one wedding photographer, as they are two completely different fields of expertise. But we shall see what each state brings.

I’ve asked a great fellow photographer friend of mine, Lynette of Exalt Photography, to help me with this, and together….we hope it becomes a FUN and INSPIRING journey. 

Visit & sign up for the email subscription to be updated with all the new posts!  Our very first photographer will be showcased tonight as well as another one on Sunday night!  Stay tuned and here’s the website to sneak a peek: