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Get Schooled: School Portraiture is having a giveaway contest. Check it out!   Good luck if you enter, photographers! 🙂

Hey photog friends!  Check out the giveaway at for the chance to win a ShootSac or MCP Actions set!  Good luck if you enter!

Hey, photog friends…Jenn Culp from Designs By Jenn, is having a giveaway! Join her Facebook group and enter! She’s a FABULOUS graphic designer (and the one who designed my logo! 😉

I photographed a session yesterday for a friend of mine. Her sons, Lucas and Liam are just adorable and we had so much fun….even if Liam didn’t smile much (I think he knew what we were trying to do, the lil’ bugger! HAHA). But I hope they had as much fun as I did….here are a bunch of my faves from the session:

The other day, we got our boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes and met our friends Christina, Justin and their daughter Cora at their local church’s “Trunk or Treat”. Before that though, we were at my in-law’s so I thought I would take some photos of the boys in their costumes. Justin is a Red Ninja and Zack, is of course, Wolverine. 😉

Halloween 002

Halloween 007

Halloween 008 (B&W)

Halloween 009 (vg)

Halloween 020

Halloween 021 (prd)

Halloween 023

Halloween 030

So after a bunch of people telling me I should enter my boys, I did. HAHA….odds are slim but hey, it was free to enter and it’s fun to try. 😉

If you have a moment, feel free to click on the link and enter either member ID (Mine & Peter’s numbers) to vote on UR favorite photo of Justin or Zachary to be the fan favorite. But the GAP peeps will be the ones to choose the winners of course for the rest.

Scroll down to find to “Search Entries” and enter: Tsweet2 or baseballfurys2

**There’s supposed to be 5 of Justin but not sure why 2 aren’t showing…hmmmm…

Anyways, thanks for any votes and for taking the time to do this! And for those that have children in the contest as well, good luck too! 🙂

I was very excited to hear at the beginning of the year that my cousin, Rich, was engaged to Dawn. The first time I met Dawn, I could tell instantly that she was a very sweet woman, down to earth and she had a 4 yr old son named Liam who has the cutest dimples. 😉

A few weeks ago, they were married at a beautiful church in Pawtucket and their reception was at Lake Pearl Luciano’s in MA. We were able to dodge a lot of the rain to take some pics outside, which was awesome!

Here’s a sneak peek of their wedding of just a few of my favorites:

Dawn 015

Dawn 029

Dawn 050 (vintage w)

Dawn 182

Dawn 210 (B&W)

Dawn 098 (vintage g)

Dawn 342 (SS)

Dawn 393

Dawn 495

Dawn 130 (B&W)

Dawn 514

About 20 min ago, I found out that I was chosen as the winner of MCP Action’s Lensbaby Composer contest. Last week, Jodi held a contest on her blog ( and hundreds of entries were written. We each had to write about “What Seeing In A New Way” meant to us. Each entry was different and some the same but all were great as they were meaningful to each and every one of us who wrote an entry.

Just to have on record and to look back on, I wanted to copy what I wrote for the contest:

“I truly believe that I have the best jobs in the world…being a mother and a professional photographer. As a photographer, you really know you’ve been blessed with the craft when you view the world as you would thru a viewfinder. But as a mother, you also begin to SEE things thru a different perspective, thru different eyes. Being able to combine the two is amazing. I’m mainly a wedding photographer and yes, while I am focusing on the main portraits to be taken, you have to see things that others normally wouldn’t. Out of the corner of your eye, a flower girl could be dancing, playing hide and seek with some friends or like a recent wedding of mine, playing with frogs. It’s all about finding the light that many people wouldn’t see…playing with shadows, angles. Or for example, an abandoned building….the typical person passing by would think it’s an eye sore. A photographer on the other hand, think it’s a gold mine for interesting and intricate photos. Seeing things in a new perspective is what will make you, as a photographer, stand out from all the other photographers around you.”

A lensbaby composer is a neat little lens that makes a HUGE difference in a photo with creativity and perspective. If you’d like to see a quick sample of what the lens does, read some of the other entries and also join MCP Actions fan page, check it out!

**Thanks again, Jodi! I’m so excited!**

Lensbaby is a sponser of MCP Actions and right now, they are having a contest to win a FREE Lens Baby Composer!  So photographers and photographer friends, check it out and enter!  Good luck to everyone! =D 

Tamron is sponsoring MCP Actions for their contest and the prize is a great lens!  Check it out here for more details!–-18-270mm-or-28-300mm/