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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I had the honor of photographing Vanessa & Scott’s wedding on June 12th. I can honestly say, that this couple is truly as beautiful on the inside, as they are on the outside. While the weather didn’t completely cooperate that day, it was neat to see that the rain held off for all the formals. I love it when that happens. 😉

Regardless of the weather, it was a day that would take your breath away. With the ceremony at St. Agatha’s in Woonsocket and then the reception at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick…you couldn’t have asked for more.

Vanessa, I’ll add the photos in another note so you can view them “up close” but I figured you might enjoy a video of all your portraits. I hope you enjoy!

I think today is a record for all the blogging & posts. 😉  Phew! 

So…here is Ariane, Mike & their lil’ man, Jacob.  I had the pleasure of photographing Ariane & Mike’s wedding back in 2008 (seen here:  and then their maternity photos just last month (seen here:

There is nothing better as a photographer than to capture these amazing, once in a lifetime moments, for a couple!  Ariane & Mike have been so wonderful, so easy-going for what I wanted to do with creativity for all of their sessions.  They are an amazing family to work with!  So of course, when lil’ Jacob was born, I HAD to get some portraits of him before he was more than 2 wks old.  And we did just that.

Jacob was such a good sport last night with his photos.  In the beginning, he let me lay him any way I wanted and he was happy as could be!  I can’t believe he stayed awake for most of the session too!  It was hard to choose favorites but of course, a few always jump out at me.  Here are a few of my faves:

On Wednesday, I had the honor to photograph a beautiful little girl and her lovely family.  I am a participating photographer of The Littlest Heroes Project, which is a non-profit organization made up of professional photographers that provide portrait sessions to our nation’s littlest heroes.  The children.  These amazing children have touched the lives of so many people and yet they don’t even realize it. 🙂  Children from all around the US that are struggling or have struggled with an illness or disability may be eligible for these sessions.  Please visit The Littlest Heroes Project website to find out more info and if you’re a photographer, I highly suggest becoming a part of this fantastic organization!

With that aside, here is Miss *R* and her family.  Miss *R* was diagnosed in 2008 with a rare liver cancer called Hepatoblastoma and now, she’s been in remission for almost a year and a half.  After meeting Miss *R* and her family, I can easily see how she could melt anyone’s heart. 

**More photos will be sent to TLH project team so keep an eye out to see if she is the Featured Hero!**

This is a family that I hold dear to my heart.  Erin & I have known each other for almost 2 yrs now.  I was originally hired to photograph her wedding but fate had it that Mike had to relocate in the service quickly, so they eloped.  The next time they returned back home in Rhode Island, we had an amazing time doing a Trash the Dress session (that can be viewed here:

Ever since Erin announced she was pregnant, I was elated to here that she wanted family portraits done once they came back to RI after Celia was born.  Lil’ Celia is now almost 3 months.  We’ve kept a great relationship since the TTD session and I feel we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well and this couple truly is special to me.  I really had a hard time choosing some of my favorites from the session but these are the ones that stood out to me:

Today is a VERY special day…June 18th. For this year, it marks a couple of milestones. First, today is the last day of school since Justin graduated Kindergarten yesterday. I simply cannot believe that we now have a 1st grader. Crazy….but more importantly, today…is Justin’s 6th birthday!!!

Now as many of you know, I have to keep up with my “tradition” to writing a little bit about each birthday boy each year. 😉 I love looking back each year to see how much he’s grown, changed and what has stayed the same.

As a mother, of course I will always remember the day he was born. Bright eyed and he was wide awake for quite some time after he was born because he was too busy looking around. haha Now, he’s 6 yrs old.

He finished his first year in Kindergarten and will be in 1st grade next year. He’s lost TWO teeth already and his top two are almost ready to come out! If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, it’s usually a “hockey player”, he LOVES to catch frogs, bugs and worms, practice soccer & baseball. Justin could play outside ALL day if he has the chance, to play in the dirt, sprinklers or water guns. The crazy boy even loves to do yard work…he sure doesn’t take after me with that one. LOL

It’s amazing to see how much Justin grows each year…both physically, emotionally and academically. He is now pretty social with people and was dubbed the “class clown”…figures. 😛 But we couldn’t be more proud of Justin and that only grows with each passing day.

So with that, I’ll say “Happy Birthday, Justin! Mommy, Daddy, Zachary & Baby Tyler love you!!”

Justin on the day he was born....

Happy 6th Birthday, Justin!

I just have to say….my parents ROCK! 😉  They always go to auctions, looking for antiques and clocks (as my dad fixes the antique clocks and sells them).  They are always on the lookout for any type of cute photography prop or addition to my studio. 

Well, they know that once the studio is fixed again (walls are being redone), I want to start collecting vintage cameras to display all around the studio walls.  My parents came across this camera just this past week…This is a 1903 No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak (which appears to still work, so sometime in the future, I’ll try to find film online for this to see if it does)!   Isn’t it FABULOUS?!?! 

Once Justin got home from school today, we filled up some water balloons and went outside to have a blast! Can’t wait until it’s a beautiful day out and Peter doesn’t have to work so we can slam him with them! 😉 Haha! Then I told the boys they could drink out of the hose and they thought that was the BEST thing EVER! LOL The boys had so much fun!

Next time, I want to try to get a good closeup of JJ and then I’ll make some circular mounted prints to hang in the bathroom or the sunroom. 🙂 I think a summer theme for photos would be cute in there!