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Category Archives: January 2009

Most of you who follow my posts and work are familiar with what my interpretations are.  If not, please feel free to browse the archives of my blog to see the others, as well as an explanation of what and why I do them. =)

Winter Outdoors & Small


Holiday Colors


Making Your Own Light (for ex, you had to find a way to use a different lighting source for an object.  I only used a flashlight to light this)


Thankful (I’m thankful for money to pay bills, food on the table and most of all, love)


Yummy (I made a baked apple for this)


The World We Live In (while most photogs just showed landscapes, I wanted to be a little different, so I titled this “CONFINED”)


Favorite Electronic (I didn’t want to choose the “obvious” which would be my camera, so I chose this. lol)


Holiday Bokeh


No, this isn’t your regular modeling gig.  Sorry…by no means am I affiliated with a modeling agency…but I AM looking for a lil’ munchkin anywhere from days old to NO MORE than 6 weeks old.  Boy or girl…either is ok.

What’s in it for you?  A free photo session (a $75 value!) and a password protected online gallery of the edited images to share with friends and family.  You may purchase prints if you would like, but there is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

What’s in it for me?  All I need you to do is sign a release form to allow me to use your images to showcase my work.  This is “normal practice” for photographers but I recently bought some handmade products to use for props for infants and the makers of the products asked me to share an image with someone using it.  Basically, one product I need an infant that is only a week old and the other can be anywhere between the ages mentioned at the beginning of the post.  One product is simply…a knit hat.  Simple, yes?  =)

Many of my infant sessions are normally in the spring/summer, but I’d hate to have to wait until then.  So here is my free offer to you.  If you would like a free photo session of your lil’ one (or if you’re soon to be having a little one), please leave your name, how old he/she is or when they will be born, where you’re from and your email address. 

If a bunch of people inquire for this, I will most likely choose a couple of participants (using to make it fair) within the next week or so….

I’ll also be doing a promotion very soon for “Multiples” and for Military families…so stay tuned (and if you know anyone who is expecting twins, triplets, etc or is in the military, spread the word and send them this link to keep an eye out)!  Also, your comment may need to be approved, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away.  Check back in a few hours to make sure it posted ok!  Teethy

So yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Avery.  She is about 6 weeks old and was just the cutest little peanut!!  It was great to finally meet her parents, Kathy & Bryan as well.  They were a fun bunch to photograph and we had some great laughs after I made them do some tricks (haha, wink wink)  Bryan, you made a great assistant, you’re hired!   Teethy

I think I’m really loving the B&Ws for this session…not sure why.  Maybe because it gives it a great, warm, soft feeling to it.  For the last image, I’ve always done this type of shot with a black background, so this was the 1st time I tried a white.  I like this for a change!  These are my faves from the session :




Same images as above, just in a warm B&W:




So in one of my photography groups on another site, we were asked to post 10 of our fave images that we took for our clients.  I think I’ll do the same thing for personal images next but I thought I would post the faves for my clients here too so you could see them as well (if you care to. lol  This is in no particular order)  Hope you enjoy!


A daughter looking at her mother’s bridal portrait…



My 1st attempt at band photography & I really liked the look of this one…







Why this one??…it’s the closest I’ll ever come to photographing a celebrity wedding, which I’d love to do! LOL In the center is Dylan Walsh from Nip Tuck, and his lovely wife (also an actress), Johanna Going is dancing with him.