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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Our house is officially FOR SALE so wish us luck in selling and finding a new home (and studio)! YAY!!!  So if you’re looking for a beeeeautiful 3 bedroom house in the RI area, let me know! =D 

Anyways, I cannot wait until we move because as soon as we get settled into a new home, I’m gonna enlarge this photo for my son’s bedroom.  I took this today and adore it!  Just wanted to share it with you. =)


Springtime is FINALLY here and Summer will be here before we know it!! This is my first portrait session special that I’ve done since opening my business 3 years ago. I think it’s well overdue! =)

Flowers are blooming, the trees are blossoming…what a PERFECT time to celebrate the beautiful weather with a portrait session. Remember, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is coming up. When’s the last time you had portraits done for your parents or grandparents? Or is someone you know having a baby this Spring or Summer? Or perhaps a birthday? Book a session for them! It makes a perfect gift!

Remember the only reason you want portraits is to capture memories that will last forever! Book your “Spring Into Summer” portrait session from now until May 15th (special will run one month but booking your session can be from the end of April until the end of July).

For only $40.00, you will receive the following:

~ Up to one hour on-location photography session for up to 4 subjects (normal price is $75; each additional subject is $15 per person).

~ Free 11×14 (normally $40)

Book now until May 15th and you’ll be saving $75! Gift certificates are also available if preferred.

**My wedding season will be starting soon so bookings will be made around those days. Hurry, while spots are still available! Please inquire through my website and mention this special!**

Happy Easter to all my family, friends, wonderful clients and everyone else that may come across this!  I hope your holiday is filled with sweet treats, laughter, family gatherings and most important of all…creating memories and traditions to pass onto your loved ones!

A photographer friend of mine, Lynette (from took these portrait of my boys for Easter.  Because we, as professional photographers, know…that no mother that is a photographer can get their child(ren) to cooperate in front of the camera, especially at this age!!  HAHA  Plus, it was just fun to sit back and watch them giggle with excitement when they were playing with them (and of course, helping to wrangle them when they were hopping away).  Here are a few of my faves from the session (I did the post processing.  Just thought I’d mention that because sometimes she doesn’t like the soft effect to some portraits. lol):


“Can I Keep Him?”

Can I Keep Him?

Playing w/ the bunnies

Some Bunny Loves You!

Happy Easter!

I did this portrait session as a favor for one of my photographer friends.  She currently lives in FL but will be moving back to New England in about a year.  Her cousin lives in RI, so she asked if I could photograph her new baby.  I told her I would love to do this for free and when she eventually moves back, she can do a family session for me. =)  It worked out well.   Ashleigh is an AMAZING Maternity & Newborn photographer so I’m excited to have her photograph my family.

It was a pleasure to photograph lil’ Sunday and her family.  Here are a couple from the session…thought I’d share.





As some of you may know, I will be working with a tattoo studio to barter services (myself, getting a tattoo and will be photographing clients/artists of the tattoo studio in return).  We hopefully will be doing these sessions soon but the Newport Magazine had to meet their deadline and I had a phone interview with them a few weeks ago.  They have a website ( but it’s a little confusing to find the article.

If you were interested in reading the snip-it of what they said, here it is:

“Building your own business clientele and networking is another great reason to barter. Warwick resident Teresa Sweet, of Teresa Sweet Photography, is a full-time photographer who’s always wanted a tattoo. And since she typically photographs weddings and children, she was ready to expand her portfolio and shoot something edgy. So she posted an ad on Craigslist asking to trade her photography skills for a tattoo. When she didn’t get a response, Sweet e­mailed the tattoo parlor, Sin on Skin in Tiverton to propose her trade. They took her up on it, as did Underground Tattoo in Bellingham, Mass., who later saw her ad on Craigslist.
  Sweet plans to barter with both shops that are currently busy designing her perfect tattoo (her first) for her upper back that incorporates her children and love of photography. For the size she wants, the tattoo would normally cost around $200. She will choose the best design and let her husband receive the other bartered tattoo. For both shops, Sweet will take photos of their tattooed clients, including a photo shoot of a corset piercing — a series of piercings on the back that emulate a corset’s lac­ing.
  Definitely a far cry from Sweet’s typical wedding shoots.
  “It might help me with future clients,” said 29-year-old Sweet. “Obvi­ously, making money is a great thing for your business, but bartering is a great way to network.”

***Pretty neat, huh?? LOL  I’m stoked for this.  I can’t wait!!***

I had the pleasure of photographing this lil’ girl last week.  She is two weeks here and was just an absolute gem to take portraits of!  I also had the honor of meeting her older sister, Trinity..whom my sons had so much fun playing with while I photographed lil’ Anayah.  Here is a sneak peek from the session:



Than a gigantic mud puddle and a beautiful day outside with lots of sunshine!  My boys can spot a puddle from miles away and by the time they are finished, there no longer is a puddle and it’s all soaked up into their clothes.  Thought I’d share a bunch from today’s Mud Splashin’ Fun-Filled Day! 



Look Out Below!

This Looks Like A Nice Seat!


I'm Dirty!

Justin Saluting...Ai Ai, Mommy!

Mud Brothers

Look At Me!

That Was Fun!

Last Saturday night, Miranda (my assistant,also my sister-in-law) and I…had the pleasure of photographing Witzend.  Witzend is a Rhode Island rock band, who I have to say is PHENOMENAL!  They put on a great performance at The Lighthouse @ Twin River in Lincoln, RI.  The place was packed with fans, dancing up a storm and the energy in the room was even higher!

If you are in the New England area, I highly recommend checking out their band.  You can view their schedule and their website at and

Here are a few of my fave photos from that night (a collaboration of my photos and Miranda’s):